"Helping women in business create harmony without compromise.

To have the business they deserve and live the life they desire"

Abbie Broad

Mindset Coach for Women in Business 

Mindset Coach Abbie Broad

"I knew starting a business in my 40's was not going to be easy. What I hadn't imagined was just how much I would struggle to get out of my own way. To sell my skills and show up.

Used to putting my head down and powering through, I was working on all the wrong things and getting nowhere. It wasn't long before I was exhausted and broken.

Then in a moment of clarity I realized that it was my mindset that needed to change. And there began my journey to create a business that is both joyful and profitable.

I now help other women in business to do the same. 

To make the 7 mindset shifts from struggle to success and turn their passion into profit"

Abbie Broad x

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Interactive pdf Workbooks are available now!

Make the 7 shifts from struggle to success today

Available to purchase and download today, these easy to use interactive workbooks will take you through activities and actions to focus attention on what triggers your struggle. To build confidence through curiosity and shape new effective behaviors that will help you take action. To overcome fear, self-doubt, confusion, overwhelm, guilt, isolation and time fatigue. 

  • 7 individually themed workbooks, covering the 7Big struggle for women in business. Each containing questions, activities and actions to work on over 7 days. 

  • Specifically designed, by me these professional mindset techniques will help you to overcome hesitation and procrastination caused by the internal struggles and get you taking action.

  • Affordable and accessible on all devices, they are versatile and easy to use with the added ability to store and retrieve your work at anytime.

  • Added bonus, as you begin to make progress in your business these exercises can be repeated over and over to offer new insights that will support you as you and your business grow.  

BUILD your mental resilience for business Foundation Level

7 month program £75pcm

BOOST your mental resilience for business

Implementation Level 

7 month program £75pcm

MAINTAIN your mental resilience for business

work with me 1-1 Success Level


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Create and connect with your Ideal Client in

7 simple steps.

Get clarity on your message. Show up with confidence and increase your sales £150

Create your business plan for success in

7 simple steps.

Reduce overwhelm and time fatigue.

Boost productivity and consistency by showing up strong £150

Boost Your Business with Jemma & Abbie

Do you need help showing up online?

It's not enough to be told you need to show up every day. In order to maintain confidence and consistency, most of us will need help.  

  • Social Media Expertise, find out all the latest tips and tricks for showing up online. Receive guidance on what to post and when. Plus advice on content creation and scheduling tips that will ensure you stay ahead of the game. 

  • Mindset Coaching Support, will enable you to focus attention on what is holding you back. Helping you to quiet the noise of doubt, so you can hear the advice and take action. With additional accountability, your confidence will grow and so too will your engagement. 

  • Our Community, offers kind and compassionate support. With  weekly online meet-ups where you can engage with other like-minded business owners, to receive support and accountability, that will boost your confidence and motivation.  

Read my story of struggle to success

Does it really need to be this hard?

For female entrepreneurs and small business owners. Mums with a side-line or passion project. For those working alone or from home who require support to navigate the demands of a work life balance. For those who have just started out and for those who are stuck, struggling to overcome mindset blocks in their business. I see you.


This book follows my early days as a start-up and takes you on a journey of how I overcame the 7 big struggles for women in business to turn my passion for coaching into a joyful and profitable business.  

BUILD Your Mental Resilience for Business with my 7 month accountability coaching program

  • No matter how hard you try you don't seem to make progress
  • You have lots of ideas bouncing around in your head but you are unable to convert them in to action
  • Your fear of failure is consuming you and you can‘t get out of your own way
  • You struggle to use your time productively and often find yourself exhausted and demotivated
  • You waste time and money trying to purchase a solution without knowing what it is you really need
  • Allowing your limited beliefs to make you a victim waiting to be rescued
  • Time is precious to us all and when we choose to run a business and balance that with our other commitments it can become overwhelming. 

  • Build your mental resilience for business is a 24 week online training program. It is my belief that mindset and mental resilience are the foundation for a successful business. You will learn all the tools necessary to shift your current mindset to become your best business asset. You will have access to weekly Zoom Group training while working through the lessons in your own time and at your own pace. 

  • And you will receive 6 x  45 min 1-1 bonus coaching sessions with me absolutely free!! 

The Build you mental resilience for business program provides a solid mindset foundation for your business. Part of the MIND your own business VIP Membership Club this program offers you the solution to your struggles with an affordable and accessible coaching package. 

BOOST your Mental Resilience for business ... with my 7 month implementation coaching program


You have learnt the basics and now you are ready to really start implementing the learning and make some big changes to your business. This exclusive 7 month 1-1 program will take you on a journey to boost your confidence when showing up online. Make significant changes to your working practices and increase your motivation and energy.


The mental resilience journey takes time to master and continued support, accountability and challenge can save you time, money and effort.


By continuing to work on your mindset and reflect on your inner processing you will make progress much more quickly and avoid the pit falls such as procrastination, self doubt, and that dreaded fear of success. 


Top Tips to beat the 7 big struggles for women in business 

Get clarity on your business goals and build simple steps to achieve them. Have the courage to step out of your comfort zone and be visible. Overcome the fears that are triggered each time you push forward. Become energized through connection and create the confidence to sell. Achieve a joyful balance between work and home that is easy to sustain. Mange your time effectively to ensure consistency and productivity every day.


BOOST your mental resilience have the business you deserve live the life you desire... 

Creating harmony without compromise to help women in business to have the business they deserve and live the life they desire is my one true mission. Can we have our cake and eat it? hell yeah …  but we might just need to go for a nice brisk walk afterwards. Work life balance is a myth. You can’t balance 1 person so to have a joyful business and fulfilling life, you need to learn to focus and prioritize. So you can show up when and where you need to and get it done.


BUILD your mental resilience for work, for life, for you...

Here in this e-book, I share a small part of that journey. How putting the work in, sitting with the discomfort of change, and remaining curious has brought me to this point. A place where not only I can live my best life, but I can also help other women to do the same.

I hope you enjoy my story, and it helps you to begin your journey to build and maintain your mental resilience for work, for life, for you…. 

What My Clients Say.

Being a member of the MIND your own business VIP Club has meant I have finally got focused on my business needs. I highly recommend it because of the awesome support Abbie gives both in person and through her program modules which are stuffed full of tools & techniques to get you over your blocks to make the mindset shift towards progress. Not to mention the wonderful community support too.


Veronica Roberts

Uplift your life with Veronica

Abbie has helped me to turn my coaching business from struggle to success in just a few short months. Focusing my attention to gain clarity on where I was holding back has seen my confidence and productivity increase and created a consistent flow of clients and income. Her unfaltering support and encouragement has given me wings and now its time to fly!

Sarah Hate

So Free Coaching 

I have been working with Abbie for a few months and I am really beginning to see and feel the difference. Running a small business means that you have to wear a lot of hats, many of which aren’t particularly comfortable. Mindset coaching has helped me to grow more confident in my visibility and target the clients I want to work with. Having a plan and using my time well has also meant reducing stress and fatigue so I can show up motivated and consistently.

Christine Hammacott

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