This third stage of the process helps implement your learning and turn ideas into action.

What's Included

  • This stage of the mental resilience journey you can begin to create a process that suits your individual needs. With continued access to the membership lessons and resources you can choose how much time you need for your 1-1 coaching. 


    • Resources are unlocked each week of the 28 week program.
    • Access to all the video's and resources from the BUILD & BOOST stage of the program. 
    • Check in via email each week for additional accountability. 
    • Training to discover your core values, behaviors and beliefs and tap into your true authenticity
    • Peer support through our private online community of like-minded women. 
  • PLUS. Create your own bespoke coaching process. Identify the specific areas for your business that you want to work on.

    As well as your 60 minute 1-1 session, you will also receive email support throughout the month. 

    Extra accountability if you need it, and the opportunity to reach out for additional support.


    You will work on creating your own 90-day plan as well as training to create and connect with your ideal client as part of the package.


    Working with me 1-1 you will quickly start to feel the difference.

    Get clarity to power up your productivity to take your business to the next level. 

  • Overcome the 7Big Mindset struggles for women in business and turn your passion into profit.

    Using Mindset tools to inspire curiosity and re train your mind to become your best and most productive 

    business asset.

Why is Mindset Coaching so important when it comes to running a business?

After just a few weeks of starting a business, I found myself frazzled and exhausted. Years of employee mindset meant I was mistaking my hard work and determination for productivity and purpose. Choosing to seek answers for my failure by ignoring internal struggles and pushing forwards.

  • This meant purchasing external solutions that I thought would save me, and yet they never did.
  • Working longer and longer hours hoping that my determination would help me to overcome these obstacles, but it didn't. 
  • Spending all of my time and energy battling the 7 Big struggles instead of stopping to notice them, meant I had little or no energy left to actually get it done.

Allowing myself to be consumed by the 7 Big struggles




When I finally began to address my internal dialogue the struggles immediately began to subside, and I was eventually able to get out of my own way and make progress. 

How Mindset Coaching helps you to build your Mental Resilience 

  • Mindset coaching re-trains the mind

    When YOU are the business, you need to be in the best shape possible and a healthy and productive mindset is essential. The only true obstacles you will face in business are the limitations you put on yourself.

  • Mindset coaching empowers the mind

    When YOU stop giving all your energy to the struggle you can begin to notice your strengths. No matter what stage of your business journey, building confidence in your skills and abilities means you can use them effectively.

  • Mindset coaching promotes action

    When YOU have built confidence in yourself, your skills, your credibility and your USP, you become unstoppable. Taking action becomes addictive and the more action you take the more your confidence will grow.


    Turning your Passion into Profit. 

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