Purchase all 7 workbooks and make the shift from struggle to success in 7 simple steps.

When you make the shift from struggle to success you will ...

  • Get clarity on your business goals and build simple steps to achieve them
  • Build courage to step out of your comfort zone and be visible
  • Embrace acceptance of your ‘why’ and boost your motivation
  • Become energized through connection with your ideal paying client
  • Build confidence and belief in your ability to sell
  • Reduce anxiety and avoid overwhelm to keep motivation high
  • Mange your time effectively to ensure consistency and productivity every day.

Confusion to Clarity - 7 steps to success 

When you achieve clarity and are no longer confused...

You are able to anticipate the road ahead and plan accordingly

You will no longer waste time, energy and money in procrastination

You understand what motivates you and keeps your productivity consistent

Isolation to Connection - 7 steps to success

When you create connection and are no longer isolated...

You feel supported and brave enough to step out of your comfort zone

You have space to explore ideas that become a plan you can action

You prioritize the values that bring you joy and can create your business around that


Guilt to Acceptance - 7 steps to success

When you embrace acceptance and let go of guilt...

You are no longer distracted by the weight of your own judgement

You stop making excuses and start making progress

You will maintain a balance between business and home that you can sustain

Fear to Courage - 7 steps to success

When you find courage and are no longer afraid...

You show up consistently

You have a clear message that will reach the people you want to work with

You feel motivated to promote your product or service

Overwhelm to Resilience - 7 steps to success

When you can maintain mental resilience and overwhelm is no longer a problem...

You have confidence to grow your business without worrying                 it will become too much

You notice when energy is dropping and have the confidence to             stop and recharge

You meet challenges with curiosity and overcome them with confidence

Self-doubt to Confidence - 7 steps to success

When you build confidence and overcome self-doubt...

You will understand your Unique Selling points and use them to engage effectively with clients

You can create opportunities to sell that feel easy and less icky

You will be energized and motivated to take on challenges and move forward

Time Fatigue to Time Management - 7 steps to success

When you make time tangible and start using your time well you...

You increase productivity and consistency in all areas of life and business.

You reduce stress and regain control to plan your workload accordingly.

You will become your own boss and set your own rules and boundaries.

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A shift in mindset requires practice and each of the workbooks will take you on a journey to focus attention on the struggle and what the trigger might be. To build confidence through curiosity to challenge limited beliefs. To shape simple effective behaviors that encourage action. Re training our mind is a learnt process and these workbooks offer an excellent  starting point for that learning to take place.  

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