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  • A 45 min block buster session could be just the ticket. 

    When you have a specific goal in mind and just need a little clarity to help push you through.

  • A 90 min Kick Start can get you unstuck and moving again.

    Mindset challenges have a great way of sneaking up on us. Self-doubt, negativity and low self-esteem take over and before we know it we're on a merry go round and we

    can't get off.

  • A 120 min Action Planning Session is an ideal opportunity to create that plan for you long terms goals. 

    When you have Kick Started your motivation and ready to start putting that hard work into action. You need a plan with implementable steps that will help you to stay motivated and productive. 

  • Overcome the Mindset struggles for working women and take back your power. Start living your best life today.

    Using a combination of Mindset Tools and Coaching Conversation to inspire curiosity so you can re train your mind to become your best and most loyal friend.

Why is Mindset Coaching so important for living your best life?

Being told that your best life is there, right in front of you and all you have to do, is step into it, sounds cheesy right? 


Ok so all the positive affirmations, quotes and books on self-belief will only get you so far. To make true and lasting change and really step into a life that is calm joyful and productive takes work and commitment and that begins with you. 

  • In my darkest moments I couldn’t find the strength to reach for the light. Because the truth is, I didn’t think I deserved it. I was resigned to that fact that my life was rubbish and who was I to change it.
  • While inside I was crying out to be appreciated, loved and respected. I wanted movie love. A life I saw in others. Unconditional love and respect and a life that felt joyful where I could be just be me.
  • But I had no idea who 'me' was. I didn't believe I deserved more. And just accepted the situations I found myself in and ignored the fact that I did in fact have a choice. 

Allowing myself instead to be consumed by 




When one day I heard these words. 'Abbie it begins with you. You have to love and respect yourself first otherwise how can you ever expect anyone else to?' 


When I finally began to address my internal dialogue the struggles immediately began to subside. My life began to change and I was eventually able to get out of my own way and start living the life I knew I deserved.  

How will Mindset Life Coaching help you?

  • Mindset Life Coaching re-trains the mind

    When YOU are on a constant loop of low self-esteem, believing that change is even possible can be hard. Mindset Life Coaching will teach you simple ways to gently begin to question your own inner thoughts so you can start to think differently.

  • Mindset Life Coaching empowers the mind

    When YOU stop giving all your energy to the struggle you can begin to notice your strengths. No matter what situations you find yourself in, learning how to use your core values and behaviors, builds mental resilience and this mean you will be able to handle all that comes your way with confidence and purpose. 

  • Mindset Life Coaching promotes action

    When YOU understand, love and appreciate yourself, you become unstoppable. You are no longer distracted by the internal voice of judgement triggered by those around you. Standing strong in your power means you can take action towards creating the life you deserve. Taking action becomes addictive and the more action you take, the more your confidence will grow.


    And It all begins with you.... 

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